Overseer 4.0.1112.01 Released

Posted on November 12th, 2009

This version of Overseer includes a few changes for SMS Notifications:

  • Adds Cincinnati Bell to list of SMS Carriers
  • SMS carriers are now listed alphabetically in the drop-down, so your carrier should be easier to find.

In addition to these SMS changes, I’ve fixed a potential problem that some might have if they enter a machine name with different case in different resources(i.e. ‘Machine’ and ‘machine’). Previous to this version, Overseer could theoretically try to check different resources on the same machine at the same time, and that can cause the Windows authentication system to have problems, as it only wants a user to be logged into the computer ‘once’, even when monitoring your Windows Services, disk space, event logs, and processes like Overseer does.

Overseer 4.0.1104.01 Released

Posted on November 4th, 2009

One user Emailed me about a problem with opening event log monitoring resources on one of their servers. It appears their server had more stringent registry permissions than those used in QA for Overseer. This version fixes that problem by changing Overseer to require a lower level of permissions on the appropriate registry keys.