Overseer 4.0.10514.00 Released

Posted on May 14th, 2010

A short while ago, a few customers had some problems with running Overseer on low-spec computers, generally computers that were over-utilized(IO and/or CPU usage). This problem eluded me for a while, regardless of my attempts to debug the problem. I eventually determined it was a limitation of the SQLite database used for Overseer. Eventually I was able to create a work-around to fix this problem for these users. This version includes that workaround/fix.

Overseer 4.0.10503.00 Released

Posted on May 3rd, 2010

This version of Overseer Network Monitor adds a new resource type. This is the ‘DB Query‘ resource type.

This new resource type allows users to monitor any ODBC-compatible database, including MSSQL, MSSQL Express, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, DBase, and more! Resource settings can be set to monitor for simple connectivity, but also for query performance and results. This design makes this resource a very powerful feature– letting you monitor your database servers, database server performance, and application-level metrics by evaluating the results of your database queries!