Overseer 4.0.11015.02 Released

Posted on October 15th, 2010

Overseer Network Monitor has supported custom text for notification subjects and bodies for years. A customer recently Emailed us asking if there was any way to specify different custom text for different resources. Unfortunately, Overseer didn’t support this feature– it was just one custom text definition for all resources in Overseer.

Per this customer’s suggestion, we have now added for multiple custom text definitions in Overseer. By default, all resources will be created with your default custom text, but you can specify another one, just as you would specify a different schedule, notification group, or resource group. This feature adds flexibility, but at the same time keeps things simple for those that do not need this added feature.

If you’d like to see a feature in Overseer, please contact us and tell us about it. Overseer is built with features based on customer feedback.