Overseer 4.0.11024.01 Released

Posted on October 24th, 2010

This version of Overseer Network Monitor includes multiple new features.

First, we’ve added a text file import wizard. This allows you to create multiple resources based on data in a text file. You can import resources forĀ Ping Monitoring, Disk Space monitoring, Windows Service monitoring, and Website monitoring. Be sure to check out this new features under the Tools menu option.

Second, we now have a ‘show current incident’ option under the right click menu for resources in a failure state. Previously, to see what the current problem was with a failing resource, you had to right click->Show History, and double click the most recent incident. This feature provides a shortcut to get to the information faster when your resource is down– so you can solve the issue and get your systems and networking operating again.

Third, Overseer now defaults the group on new resources to the currently selected resource group. This should make manual entry of resources a little easier, as most of the time you should no longer have to change this value from its default.

Fourth, this version fixes a problem with the left hand pane refreshing after making a change to resource groups.

Lastly, a few minor navigational enhancements to the GUI have been made. Things like keyboard shortcuts that you just expect to work(home/end, delete, application context key, etc.).