Overseer Released

Posted on February 5th, 2011

Sensible Software proudly announces Overseer 4.1!

This version has some big changes, so it deserved a minor version number change. As of 4.1, the version#’s will also be sequential and shorter– instead of 4.0.xxxxx, the version numbers will only be 4.1.xx, and may grow to 4.1.xxx before going to 4.2. The old version number had the date of the build in it, but we eventually found this wasn’t worthwhile to include, as it made it harder for people to write down the version# or know which one was older/newer due to the complex numbering scheme.

As for changes you’ll see in 4.1, we’ve introduced the Resource Discover Wizard! This is a very useful tool that enables you to discover resources on your network and create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of resources in just minutes. Obviously you’ll want to be selective as to which things you select while using the wizard, but this should let you setup Overseer to monitor your network resources in minutes versus the many hours that would be required to setup monitoring forĀ a large network otherwise.

For first time users, we’ve added the ‘First Run Wizard’. This wizard guides the user through setting up the basics, and then prompts them to run the resource discovery wizard, text file import wizard, Overseer 3.x import wizard, or to manually enter their own resources. This should make initial setup of Overseer quick and painless for all users.

Lastly, this version adds multi-selection support for pausing/unpausing and deleting resources. This is very useful if you’d like to easily enable/disable monitoring for multiple resources at once, or simply want to delete multiple resources from Overseer.