Overseer has been released

Posted on March 12th, 2011

Today I have released Overseer Network Monitor In this release, I upgraded the ‘DevExpress’ library that I use for GUI controls, so you may see some graphical improvements, extra skins, etc.

The core change in this version however, is a change to event log source retrieval. When setting up a resource for Event Log Monitoring, it is possible to setup event log filters(to include/exclude event log entries of different levels, from different applications/sources, etc.). In previous versions, there would sometimes be a long delay when clicking ‘add’ for an event log filer, or double clicking an existing eventlog filter to edit it. After working through this with a customer, I determined this delay was due to some code where it retrieved the event log sources from the remote computer. ┬áThe logic first retrieved properly registered sources from the registry, and then it read the event log to get any rogue sources from applications that weren’t properly registered with the EventLog service. ┬áThis code was obviously added per a customer’s request years ago… This was the code at fault for the delay, however.

My solution, was to add a registry key. By default as of, this aggressive event log source detection will be skipped, but can be turned on by setting ‘AggressiveEventLogSourceDetection’ to 1 under the Overseer registry key. Now if a customer has a problem filtering on a specific source, I can have them enable this feature in the registry for a more aggressive detection– but the majority of users who have apps that are ‘well behaved’, won’t have to wait for this extra checking.

If you’re seeing some kind of performance problem in Overseer, please let me know using the support link above. It may take a little while to work with you to figure out where the problem is, but most of the time I’m able to determine exactly what the problem is and provide a fix.