Event Logs and Windows 2000 support

Posted on June 17th, 2011

In Windows 2008, Microsoft introduced a new type of event log. This was an extended event log, which is found under “Applications and Services Logs” in the server manager MMC. Unfortunately, this new event log system uses a totally different API to access, and Overseer 4.1 is currently unable to monitor these event logs using it’s Windows Event Log Monitoring capabilities.

I recently looked into adding this functionality for a customer who requested it, and found that Microsoft also requires .NET 3.5 to access these event logs. Overseer has been coded using .NET 2.0 to maintain compatibility with W2K users. Unfortunately, to add this feature, Overseer will need to use .NET 3.5 which is not supported on W2K. This means Overseer, once this feature is added, will also no longer be able to support running on W2K(it will still be able to monitor W2K servers and workstations).

What does this mean to you? Do you still have Overseer running on a W2K box? Is this new event log monitoring important to you? Please weigh in by contacting us at the support link above.