Overseer 4.1.42 has been released

Posted on October 5th, 2011

I have just released Overseer 4.1.42. This is a small release that fixes a bug that I was just made aware of. The bug involved a red X on the resource selection screen in the Resource Discovery Wizard. Oddly enough, this bug was created when I upgraded the GUI library I use for Overseer, DevExpress. When I did that, I changed the ‘default skin’ to the more updated ‘Office 2010 Blue’ from the ‘Office 2007 Blue’ that’s been the default for years… Apparently that caused a ‘custom draw’ event handler to throw an error… This is unfortunate, and a clear sign of the danger in upgrading a library– or a default skin(at least with DevExpress)… Unfortunately, this bug existed in Overseer for many months before someone finally reported it– it certainly doesn’t look good for me, and is another reminder to test every single part of the software, even if a change makes no sense that it would effect that part of the software… ┬áIf you see a bug in Overseer, even if it seems minor, please contact me at the support link above so I can fix it!