The return of Free Network Monitoring software

Posted on July 18th, 2012

When Overseer Network Monitor was first released, it was priced with a core and then each monitoring type was an add-on. This worked for some, but we soon realized it wasn’t for everyone. Within a year or so, we switched to an “all inclusive” licensing model, and simply priced based on number of resources. This worked for far more people– only 1 or 2 customers with thousands of devices that they pinged expressed concerns over the model. ¬†With Overseer 3.0, we also offered both a ‘free’ and a ‘lite’ version of the software. The free version allowed monitoring of 2 resources, and the lite version allowed monitoring of 5 resources. ¬†With Overseer 4.0, we stopped the free and lite versions, as lite rarely sold, and we felt we were losing sales to the ‘free’ version.

Well, Overseer 5.0 is here. I’ve heard some complaints since 4.x about not having the free version, and upon reflection, I’ve decided that it’s simply the right thing to do– providing free network monitoring software for tiny uses. If you only have 2 resources, Overseer Network Monitor 5.0 is now free again! We do ask, however, that if you request a free license that you help promote Overseer– to friends, colleagues, employers, etc. The free version only exists because people pay for the full version. Links to our website with the appropriate keywords(i.e. ‘network monitoring software’) would be very much appreciated as well. If you’re running a business that relies on Overseer, we strongly suggest that you support Overseer development by buying a license. If you wish to support development but don’t wish to buy a full license, you can send a donation for any amount of $1+(due to merchant fees) to ‘’ on Paypal.

Please follow this link to request your free license for Overseer w/2 resources: Free Network Monitoring Software