Overseer 5.0.114 has been released

Posted on February 20th, 2013

I’ve just released a new version of Overseer network monitoring software, 5.0.114. This version fixes a bug that could happen if a default was set under tools->options->defaults, and then that Schedule, Notification Group, Password, or Resource Group was subsequently deleted. Going back into the options screen and clicking save would throw an error.  This version fixes that problem.

This version also fixes a problem a specific customer had with OverseerSvc’s default TCP port assignment. The default has been tcp 12345 for years– even though this is a local port for communication between the Overseer and its own service– and nothing that needs to be passed through firewalls, etc… This customer had another product, “Trend Micro Common Client Communication Service”, that was listening on port 12345, which caused the Overseer service to crash trying to use this port.  I have changed the default port that OverseerSvc uses to 12344, and made this port customizable in the registry. Considering Overseer only uses this to communicate with itself via ‘localhost’, this shouldn’t cause anyone any issues, nor require any firewall changes, etc.