Overseer Network Monitor 5.0.119 has been released

Posted on March 23rd, 2013

I have just released a new version of Overseer Network Monitor. This adds support for Sensatronics E4 and E16 devices. Overseer already has supported the EM1 device, but many people have requested support for the E4/E16 devices as well– probably because these devices are less expensive than the EM1 unit, and if you only need to monitor temperature(which is the most common request), the E4 or E16 is the ideal solution.. Anyways, this release adds full support, and re-names the “EM1” resource type to generically the “Sensatronics” resource type, with a drop-down to indicate which model.

Additionally in this release, I’ve added support for the cell phone carrier, ‘ICE’, in Costa Rica. This was asked for specifically by a customer there, and we’re happy to add it.