Overseer Network Monitor 5.0.132 has been released

Posted on August 15th, 2013

I’ve just released another version of Overseer Network Monitor. This is a feature release, containing multiple new features.

First, I’ve added support for monitoring FTP Servers, using the new FTP resource type. If you need FTP monitoring software, this is the perfect feature for you.

Second, I’ve added support for monitoring TCP sockets, using the new TCP Socket resource type. While Overseer can monitor many different protocols, there are still some protocols that Overseer is not natively aware of. This resource type gives you the flexibility to monitor any protocol that listens on a TCP port, and ideally provides a prologue of some sorts. This new resource type checks to make sure a specific host answers on a specific port, and optionally responds with text that contains specified text(i.e. ‘openssh’ for an SSH port). You can also customize how long to wait for this text to show up on the socket after connection. ┬áThis is a great way to monitor ssh servers, SMTP server, POP3 servers, and more.

In addition to the 2 new resource types above, I’ve made numerous usability changes to the base Overseer interface. I’ve added an ‘All Groups’ pseudo-group to the left tree, a search box below the resource list, the ability for the resource group tree to use smaller icons, and Overseer now hides resource types in the left tree by default, only showing them if you actually have resources of that type, in that group– this saves a lot of screen real estate, letting you see the meaningful parts of your configuration more easily, with less noise.