Overseer Network Monitor 5.0.133 has been released

Posted on August 30th, 2013

I just released a new version of Overseer, 5.0.133. This version focuses on enhancing Website Monitoring. Overseer has been able to check HTTP and HTTPS websites to ensure they’re running for many years. This version adds support for checking the response time, which can be a key sign of site health. Additionally, Overseer can now check to make sure the webpage contains or does not contain specific text. This can also be a key sign that the website is delivering the correct content, and there’s no error being displayed. ┬áLastly, I added support for SSL expiration checking. One of the most common problem with SSL websites, is no one monitors the certificate expiration– so with this check, you can setup Overseer to warn you within a specific # of days of an expiring SSL certificate, giving you plenty of time to renew it and not have website visitors seeing “certificate expired” error messages.