Overseer 5.0.143 has been released

Posted on November 15th, 2013

I have just released a new version of Overseer, 5.0.143. This version adds a ‘Resource List’ report, which a customer requested. This report groups resources by group, and shows the name, type, schedule, notification group, last state, and last check. This can also be exported in the print preview to CSV, Excel, PDF, and more.

Also in this build, and also by request of a customer, is event log filtering by keyword. Some applications don’t properly setup event IDs, so the only way to distinguish between events is using a keyword filter. An event filter can now optionally filter by keyword. Keep in mind that this causes the entire text of the event log records to be downloaded to the Overseer computer when they’re checked, so this type of filter can slow things down– it’s best to filter by source, type, and/or event ID on any filters that you use a keyword filter, if possible.

Lastly, I’ve noticed that sometimes when deleting a resource from Overseer that has a significant amount of history(i.e. has existed for a while), the interface went un-responsive as it completed this data operation. To increase the GUI responsiveness of Overseer, I set this history deletion/housekeeping to happen in the background, allowing the user to continue working in the Overseer application.