Overseer 5.0.155 is now available

Posted on February 27th, 2014

I’ve just released another version of Overseer. This version includes a few changes requested by a few customers.

The first change is to add a ‘Fail If’ type to the FTP monitoring¬†ability in Overseer. The specific types added(in addition to the obvious FTP server unreachable/unavailable), is to count the # of files in the specified FTP directory(specified in the URL, i.e. ftp://server/directory/). This counts all files(including directories), and will fail if too many or too few files are present. This can be very helpful for monitoring to see if automated file-based processes have stopped processing for some reason.

The other changes are to add new columns. I added a “Up/Down time” to the main resource list, which shows the downtime for any resource that is down, but also shows the up-time for any resource that is online. Note that the up-time is based on Overseer’s knowledge of the resource last being down, so when you first update, the up-time might be under-stated if it hasn’t gone down recently.

In addition to the up/down time column, I added a “Disk Space %” column to the resource list view if the filter is currently on disk space resource types.

Lastly, I changed the resource list grid to save/restore column widths between runs of Overseer– so once you get your column widths set, you don’t have to keep setting them with subsequent starts of Overseer.