Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7Cpa)

Posted on April 12th, 2021

The Seventh Community Agreement on Pharmacies (7CPA) supports consumers` access to pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidised medicines through pharmacies across Australia. 7CPA recognizes the crucial role community pharmacies play in improving the health of all Australians. The maddocks team was led by partner Andrew Whiteside and included special advisor Paul Ellis and lawyer Xinyu Zhang. This work has been going on for a long time with the agreements of the pharmaceutical community, having also discussed the sixth Community Convention on Pharmacies and the Community`s wholesale pharmaceutical agreements. Compensation for the distribution of subsidized pbs, pharmaceutical drug management programs and services in pharmacies is expected to be $18.3 billion over the five years of the agreement. Check out our compensation, program and wholesale information sheets. The 7CPA aims to improve patient choice and health skills in accessing medicines through community pharmacies. The PKF team specializes in retail and community pharmacy and has been advising pharmacy owners for more than 20 years. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you operate a single pharmacy or multiple pharmacies, you should have the following three things in place to make sure your pharmacy is prepared and ready to adapt: While the details of 7CPA remain secret, one of the main concerns for pharmacists is the increase in the maximum amounts of distribution offered and the impact this will have on the profitability and potential viability of many community pharmacies in all Australia. Under the current compensation model, pharmacies receive a tax of $7.39 for finished prescriptions, as well as the Administrative, Processing and Infrastructure Commission (AHI) of $4.09 for a publicly traded brand with a list price of up to $180. Since 1990, the remuneration received by pharmacists for the dispensing of drugs from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the regulation of the location of pharmacies have been governed by a number of agreements between the Australian government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild).

Over time, these agreements have expanded their scope and now offer professional pharmacy programs and services. The Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) is a five-year contract between the Commonwealth of Australia, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. It supports consumer access to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) drugs and related services through pharmacies across Australia. The Community Pharmacy Agreement (CPA) is an agreement between the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Commonwealth Government that describes the amount of compensation for the dispensing of drugs covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This pioneering agreement supports the implementation of a number of important Australian government commitments, including access to Commonwealth-subsidized medicines, drug safety, support for aged care, support for pharmacies in areas, rural and remote areas, and reforms to improve access to medicines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities as part of the “Closing the Gap” government initiatives.