Ucare Third Party Agreement

Posted on April 13th, 2021

3. infringing a third party right or encouraging others to violate it, including the violation or misuse of third-party intellectual property rights or the disclosure of personal data against another person; Using the IVTherapy2go.com website and the application (together the website and the associated application are called “website”), you agree to these terms as an agreement between you, the website and IVTherapy2go.com LLC (“we,” “us” or “our”). This agreement also includes our website privacy policy (available under IVTherapy2go.com), as if in this text described in detail. If you do not wish to accept these conditions, please forgo the use of the site. Your use of the website gives you your consent to all these conditions and advice that are included. 1. Ucare and Ucare users assure, guarantee and subscribe to Ucare that you reside in India. 2. All users assure, guarantee and commit to Ucare that (1) these conditions have been fulfilled and fulfilled by you and constitute a valid and binding agreement with you, which is applicable against you in accordance with its conditions; (2) If you use the service on behalf of another organization, you are an authorized representative of the company and you have the power to bind the company to these conditions; (3) You will not have access to or will not use the service unless these conditions and all of Ucare`s additional instructions, directives or directives, including those published in the service, expressly permit it; 4.

You will have access to the service in full compliance with applicable legislation and you will use it; and (5) all information, data and other documents provided by you to support your account registration are correct and truthful in all respects. Ucare is required to excuse the delivery in accordance with these conditions for any period during which it is prevented or delayed from fulfilling, in full or in part, obligations under these conditions, for any period during which it is prevented or delayed due to a case of force majeure. For the purposes of this section, “force majeure event” means an event or series of events caused or resulting from one of the following events: (1) weather or other elements of The Nature or Acts of God; (2) acts of war, acts of terrorism, uprisings, unrest, unrest or rebellion; (3) quarantines or embargoes, (4) labour strikes; (5) downtime in telecommunications, networks, computers, servers or the internet; (6) unauthorized third-party access to Ucare`s computer systems; or (7) other causes that are not subject to proper Ucare control. The ucare.co.in website (the “site”) is owned by TransAsia Ventures Pvt Ltd. (“TransAsia, Ucare,” “we” or “us”). As shown below, Ucare gives you the right to use the website, our software applications, including, but not limited, to Ucare (a set of “Software” or “App”) and services provided via the website or software (together the “service”), subject to the terms of use listed below (“Conditions of use”). The mobile app, available on the Google App Store and Apple App Store, is owned by transAsia Ventures Pvt Ltd. The term “you” refers to the person who visits the site or uses the APP. We Ucare, we bring you a digital health monitoring service and a health subscription service that combines fitness tracking technology to help you move to a healthier lifestyle and achieve your goals.