Resource Discovery Wizard

The resource discovery wizard allows you to discover resources on your network so you don’t have to manually enter all your resources into Overseer. This wizard does require your computers to be a member of a Windows domain/active directory. It also requires a domain admin password to be used to setup the resources. This is generally the architecture most Overseer customers already use, so this shouldn’t be a significant limiting factor for most.

To run the resource discovery wizard, simply select the option under Tools, and follow the instructions:

First, you must specify a domain admin account for discovery to work reliably. You can then select the different resource types you want selected. Click the ‘Options’ button to specify resource-type-specific options.

Next, you can specify the Organizational Units(OU’s) in your domain that you’d like to discover for. This can help limit the scope of your discovery to just servers, just user’s workstations, etc. If you don’t have OU’s setup, you may see just “<<Unassigned Computers>>”– which includes all domain computers not otherwise assigned to an OU.

Next, you simply wait for discovery to complete. Overseer may take a while to connect to all computers and discover all their resources. If you have computers that are powered down in OU’s you’ve decided to discover, this may take even longer. Fortunately, Overseer discovers resources on multiple computers at once during this process.

On the next screen, pick the resources you’d like Overseer to monitor. By default, Overseer will check all the services that are in running state, all event logs, all disks, and all ping resources. This may be overkill for a good monitoring strategy– so you may want to go through and uncheck some services, if you know which ones do not need monitoring.

Next, specify the resource group, schedule, notification group, and custom text. If you’re not sure, the defaults will probably work.

Lastly, you simply let Overseer create your resources. Once that’s done, click ‘Finish’ and you should have many resources configured for you in Overseer.