What qualifies as a resource?

The most often asked question of all Overseer users and potential Overseer users, is what constitutes a ‘resource’ in Overseer Network Monitor? They ask this, obviously, because Overseer is licensed by the resource. The least expensive license, is the 50-resource license, and it goes up from there. Licenses can always be upgraded to more resources later– so you don’t have to determine all your future needs upfront.

Other server monitoring software packages often license based on ‘nodes’ or ‘servers’ that can be monitored. Overseer is different, in that it licenses based on the # of things you monitor in whole. That can be one thing on 50 servers, or 10 things on 5 different servers. The counts and overall pricing is fairly similar once both methods are understood. ┬áThe bottom line, is that each line-item in Overseer is a resource– each website that you monitor, each network device you ping, each service on a server, etc.

You can get a count of the resources you have configured in Overseer at any time by going to the Help->License page.