Moving Overseer to another computer

People often ask how to move Overseer Network Monitoring Software from one computer to another– maintaining all their configuration settings, data, etc. This is actually a very easy process.

  1. Close the Overseer application if you have it running
  2. Stop the Overseer Service(this can be done in the Services MMC under computer management)
  3. Navigate to c:\Program Files\Overseer 4\Data\ and copy all the files to a safe location
  4. Un-install Overseer from this computer
  5. Install Overseer on the destination computer
  6. Stop the Overseer service on this destination computer
  7. Copy the files that were copied out in step#3 above into the same directory on the destination computer
  8. Start Overseer on the new computer

This should maintain all configuration settings, historical data, etc. You can apply your license by going to Help->License… and entering your license information you received in your original Email.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us using the support link above.  Thanks.