Get an Email when a server reboots

Some customers have asked me how to get Overseer Network Monitoring Software to Email them a notification when a server restarts for some reason. While Overseer does not provide this functionality directly, this is possible with a simple event log resource in Overseer, as Windows logs a specific event entry when the server restarts.

To setup an event log resource to monitor when a server restarts, create a new event log resource, set the machine name to the server you wish to monitor, set the appropriate password, and choose “System” as the log name. Double click the default Event Filter and change it to include only event ID 6009 for the ‘eventlog’ resource. You can also click ‘Set Custom Notification Text’ to set a custom text indicating to you that the server has rebooted. ¬†Click ‘Test’, and you’ll see a message box with your message, indicating the last time your server was restarted(assuming you keep ‘%TIME%’ in your custom text).

Now, when your server reboots, everyone in the associated notification group will get a notification when the server reboots. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the support link above.