Adds support for extended event logs in W2K8(“Applications and Services Logs”)

One of the big new features in Overseer 5.x, and the core reason for updating to .NET Framework 3.5, is support for Windows 2008 R2’s new extended event logs, termed the “Application and Services Logs”. Reading these event logs required a new API which was only available in .NET Framework 3.5.

Overseer 5.x now supports all of these event logs and the standard event logs. Unfortunately, the API requires Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 2008+ to be running on the Overseer computer as well– so if your Overseer computer is running on Windows XP or Windows 2003, and you want to monitor extended event logs, you’ll have to upgrade the computer running Overseer. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the API.

With this new feature, along with Overseer’s existing event log filtering, duplicate event detection, and more, Overseer’s event log monitoring software features should satisfy most user’s needs.