Enhances auto-discovery wizard to allow discovered hosts or manually entered hosts, better check/uncheck in tree, etc.

The biggest and best feature added in Overseer 4.1, was the auto-discovery wizard. This wizard lets you easily setup multiple resources in Overseer by simply polling your network. In 5.0, this wizard has been revamped to be a little smoother, and give the option of discovering hosts from active directory, or using a manually entered list. The wizard also gives you a choice when discovering hosts via active directory, as to which hosts to actually probe– providing you with a full tree if you have organizational units setup in Active Directory.

Finally, once the hosts have been probed, Overseer lets you select the resources in a tree’d manner– easily selecting/deselecting an entire branch of the resource tree at a time– this can save a lot of time in fine-tuning which resources you want selected.

The auto-discovery wizard is possibly the most powerful feature in Overseer, enabling you to be up and running with the Overseer network monitoring software in no time.