Overseer Debug Mode in 5.0

Occasionally, customer support will require a debug file to aide in resolving a problem experienced with Overseer Network Monitor. Turning on debug mode will instruct Overseer to log a large amount of detail to a plain text log file for review by support. Passwords are NOT logged to this file.

To enable debug mode in Overseer 5.0, please do the following:

  1. Go to start->run and type ‘regedit’, and click ‘ok’
  2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sensible Software\Overseer\ on the left side
  3. On the right side, set the ‘LogLevel’ value to 6
  4. Restart Overseer Network monitor and the Overseer service
  5. Recreate the error you’re having or leave debug mode enabled if instructed by support
  6. Send the files in C:\ProgramData\Overseer\Logs\ to support via Email. If these files are large, you may zip them up or upload them via FTP using credentials received from support.
  7. Disable debug mode  by changing the ‘LogLevel’ value above to zero(0) and restarting Overseer and the Overseer Service.

It is important not to leave debug mode on, as the debug file can get large over time and with time, fill up your hard disk. It could also slow down Overseer and/or your computer if it gets to be a very large text file(gigabytes).