Overseer backup and restore wizard

Previous version of Overseer did not have a built-in system for both database backup and restoration. Later versions of Overseer 4.x had a backup wizard, but nothing to restore the database afterward.  Overseer 5.x adds a robust new backup and restoration system, called the Backup and Restore Wizard.

This wizard makes backing up your database a snap. Simply start the wizard(Tools->Backup and Restore Wizard), select where to place your backup(defaulting to a sub-folder of the Overseer data directory), click next, and the backup is performed. The backup files are automatically named with the date and time, making it easier to see when the backup was done.

Backup files made by the wizard are simple files that can easily be copied or Emailed. They’re in SQLite database format, regardless even if you’re using a MSSQL server for your Overseer database.

Once you have a backup file, you can easily restore that backup by starting the Backup and Restore wizard again, and this time selecting ‘Restore’ and pointing to the file you’re interested in restoring. Note that restoring will overwrite any data you currently have in Overseer– so be careful when restoring backups.